Electronic Health Records

Genuine 3D Anatomical Maps

EZDERM uses our exclusive 3D Body Map visual interface that empowers dermatologists and their staff to correctly and efficiently document patient encounters. It automatically assigns appropriate ICD-10, CPT, and HCPS codes, allowing for rapid documentation and coding that exceeds the accuracy and efficiency of any other system on the market.

100% iPhone Ready

Just imagine having the power of a fully functional EHR and PMS on your iPhone available to you anytime and anywhere. What makes EZDERM unique is that using the iPhone gives you the full EZDERM experience in the palm of your hand. No other system has this capability.

Automated PQRS Measures

Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) measures will account for 50% of the proposed MACRA rules. Accurate and complete documentation of these measures is essential for the compliance and a practice's financial well-being. EZDERM automatically credits your PQRS activities and allows for an unprecedented completeness in your PQRS reporting, helping your practice overcome these arduous reporting challenges. In real time, your practice can follow the PQRS reporting progress using EZDERM's PQRS dashboard.

Real-Time Documentation

Your time is precious, and you should not let an inefficient EHR steal it away from you. The key is to have an intelligent system that documents patient encounters in real time – and not after the fact – so that your day's documentation concludes when the last patient leaves the office. EZDERM's unique suite of integrated applications (Patient Portal, Patient Check-In Kiosk, EHR, and PMS) allow the patients, medical staff and providers to work in unison. No other system, or stand-alone EHR application, can achieve this level of real-time documentation.

100% Customizable

Don't let technology take away your individual way of practicing dermatology. EZDERM users enjoy a fully customizable system that allows them to tailor it to their personal workflow and focus on patient care. While other products restrict your individuality, EZDERM empowers it.

Simultaneous Multiuser Documentation

Timely documentation of patient encounters requires coordinated teamwork. We can now proudly say that EZDERM rises to this challenge and allows multiple members of the patient care team to document any part of the patient record simultaneously. EZDERM's teamwork approach divides the tasks and multiplies success. To date, no other EHR has this capability.

Automated Coding

Accurate documentation, CPT, ICD-10 and E&M coding generation is impossible without a well-designed and highly structured system. Accurate 3D anatomical and an intelligent data structure allow for unparalleled accuracy in documentation. The fully integrated EZDERM Practice Management System (PMS) furthermore automatically readies these codes for electronic submission to Insurance Companies without the need of costly, unreliable, and antiquated PMS bridges.

Favorite Prescriptions

Stop wasting time rewriting the same prescriptions over and over again. EZDERM allows for the generation of an unlimited number of favorite prescriptions that each provider can individualize. With the touch of a button, these prescriptions can be instantly individualized to satisfy the patients' needs. Moreover, you can link your favorite prescriptions to your customizable treatment plans. This way, a set of personalized favorite prescriptions is always available based on patient conditions you are treating.

Pharmacy Geolocation

Save time and remove ambiguities in finding the patients' preferred pharmacies. EZDERM's sophisticated pharmacy geolocator pinpoints patient pharmacies in a split second on a digital map.

Patient Reminders

Improve your practice's revenue and save time with automated EZDERM patient appointment reminders. Each and every patient will receive an email appointment reminder and an SMS notification to ensure their attendance. EZDERM's SMS feature further enables the patient to confirm or reschedule the appointments electronically, saving your practice the unnecessary phone calls.